As an industry leading mechanical contractor, PSM implements innovative methods and uses sophisticated software in the execution of our mechanical, piping and plumbing systems. We streamline coordination and eliminate issues well before they affect construction.

Before your commercial HVAC system can be installed, it must be carefully thought out and designed. Without proper planning and designing, your HVAC system won’t be able to provide adequate comfort to your commercial facility and you’ll likely be left with a slew of other issues. That’s why it’s so important to have a team of HVAC professionals who are equipped with the proper tools, knowledge and experience to make cost-saving solutions for your project’s highest performance.

Our detailers utilize various BIM/CAD programs enabling real-world representation of piping & HVAC systems. Information contained within virtual models can be used in multiple ways:

  • Clash Detections
  • Fabrication Drawings / Material Lists
  • Installation Drawings
  • Field Layout Services
CAMduct Demo
UMC Demo
UMC Demo
Boiler Room Rendering
Systems Rendering

We Use Technology to Our Advantage

Below are some examples of our BIM/CAD drawings. These drawings can find the most effective solution for your mechanical, piping and plumbing system needs. Planning before building provides you with the highest efficiency.
Installation drawings are created from the same model used during the coordination process. This ensures consistency between coordination and fabrication – and makes certain the final installed product is precisely what was conveyed. We use the latest software, which allows for a seamless transition from our design department to our in-house fabrication facility. From examining cost-saving solutions with our design engineer, to ensuring your project is kept on schedule, we take a holistic and efficient approach to your project’s needs.