PSM provides you with a single resource for every facet of HVAC system design. We specialize in providing high quality, cost-effective HVAC design-build services for new construction or building upgrades.

What We Do

Our team collaborates with the building owner or contractor to understand the specific needs and scope of the project and design custom mechanical systems that focus on efficiency and long-term reliability.

From the early stages of conception and design, our Professional Staff will consult on the project, offering energy conservation advice, equipment efficiency parameters, complete mechanical system options and ideas as well as associated cost analysis. At the point of project acceptance, a detailed set of drawings can be completed by our staff for use in permitting and construction.

Bringing in PSM in the design phase means that once the General Contractor and owner are ready to begin construction, PSM is already in the fabrication mode. The CAD drawings are imported to our shop fabrication equipment and the process of building each piece is begun.

Design Build Benefits:

  • Affordable solutions to mechanical systems.
  • Early involvement in the design process assures lowest installed cost and faster construction schedules.
  • Bid process occurs during design, thereby allowing ordering of long lead time equipment.
  • Minimizes Change-Orders by insuring the equipment used is lowest cost. Structural, architectural, and electrical designs are based on the actual equipment being used.
  • Precise fabrication of our engineered designs
  • Stream-line Project Coordination
  • Our in house sheet metal duct and pipe fabricating plant eliminates the middle man and gives us better control of the process.
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